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Emma Destrubé is a board-certified, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a 

registered somatic movement therapist and educator. 


Emma approaches her work with the belief that change is always possible, and that given the right context, support, and nourishment, every

body can thrive.  


Emma Destrubé 

Emma has a unique, multi-layered understanding of the body, gained through a life of focused inquiry into the self and the movement of vitality.


After a prolonged near-death experience, at 19 years old, Emma left McGill University in Canada and moved to Los Angeles to apprentice with somatic visionary and pioneer, Emilie Conrad, founder of the internal movement and breathwork practice Continuum. They worked closely together until Emilie's passing in 2014, developing breathwork and movement protocols for healing, and she assisted in countless workshops, retreats and mystery school teachings. 

Through this deep, inner work, sensations began to emerge that did not follow the lines of muscles, or tendons, or even fascia. They were explained when Emma was introduced to the meridians, or channels of acupuncture. This insight brought her to acupuncture first as a patient, and then later, as a student. 

Emma's study of somatic movement – meditative practices that emphasize internal physical perception and embodiment – has also included Body-Mind Centering, and Taoist meditation and internal cultivation practices. As an authorized Continuum teacher, Emma offers classes and workshops 
around the world, and integrates this work into her private sessions where applicable. 


Emma's immersive dedication to the path of internal cultivation and healing led her to study acupuncture and traditional Eastern medicine at Emperor’s College of Traditional East Asian Medicine, where she graduated summa cum laude with concentrations in classical acupuncture and Korean Nei-Jing style under the late Master JaeHoon Kim, and developed her gentle technique. Emma has practiced acupuncture at the Venice Family Clinic Integrative Medicine Chronic Pain Program, at Being Alive HIV/AIDS Clinic, at the Healthy Athletes Center at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, and founded Five Rivers Holistic, a clinical practice in Midtown Atlanta, GA, part of the VitalAtlanta Collective for Whole Health, in association with the Atlanta Birth Center.


Emma holds a private practice based in Los Angeles, and also works and teaches internationally, offering in-depth healing intensives, somatic movement workshops, and private sessions.

In each visit, Emma works with her patients to create personalized wellness plans, offering tools and resources to potentiate the body’s innate regenerative capacity, and educating and empowering her patients to become their own healers. Her practice of acupuncture extends directly from her ability to sense into the body in order to harmonize its imbalances, foster its strengths and nourish its foundations. She specializes in working with artists and creatives of all kinds in opening blocks, and supporting the creative process, whether that be an internal healing process or an external project. 

Outside of the healing studio, Emma is a writer and visual artist, and her creative praxis and love of the outdoors deeply informs her approach to medicine. 

"Exceptional healer. Knowledgable, intuitive
and caring."

- H.H., filmmaker

Credentials and Accreditations

- NCCAOM National Board-Certified Acupuncturist and Diplomate of East Asian Medicine

- Licensed Acupuncturist in the states of California and Georgia

- Master's Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine​

- Registered Master Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator by the International Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists' Association (ISMETA). 

- Authorized Continuum Teacher and member of the Continuum Teachers' Association (CTA).



"Exceptional Healer.  Knowledgable, intuitive and caring."

- Hanna H., filmmaker

"Emma is very sweet, very knowledgeable and VERY intuitive; she made me feel very safe and comfortable with the work."

- Lisa L.

"I’ve never been to another acupuncturist as effective."

- Jarrett S., actor


"Emma is the most supportive, caring, and effective acupuncturist I’ve been to, and her treatments are deeply nourishing and educational. She holds a knowing of the body’s capacity to come back into balance regardless of the issues that may be present, and her work has helped catalyze me into greater expansion and ease in my body and life. I cannot recommend her enough!"  
- Julia K., artist

"Emma is the most welcoming, patient, attentive and supportive health expert that I have ever had. Her acupuncture work gets results in my body and mind within seconds. Seeing her regularly directly improves my ability to stay strong and healthy during times of heavy workload and life stress. With Emma, I have had much relief from: muscle tension, migraines, PMS, and nausea"

- Piercey D., actor

"Emma has fixed me! Emma is amazing. She always gives me a lot of time in the room and treats exactly what I need. She's healed my tweaked back and continues to stabilize and keep it in place. Thank you for caring for me Emma!"

- Monika S., modern dancer

"Emma is AMAZING! Two sessions with her relieved the horrible sciatica pain I was experiencing. She takes the time to really understand what you are going through and tailors her treatments accordingly. Highly recommended is an understatement."

- Moriah M., producer

"Wonderful Experience!  I have upper back and nerve issues. After seeing Emma for only 3 sessions, it's opened up pathways that I haven't felt in years! The atmosphere is very calming and friendly! Emma 
shows extensive knowledge of 
acupuncture strategies, displays a love for her work, and asks lots of questions to track progression"

-Ronald S.

"Emma is amazing! Emma has wonderful bedside manner. She's super thorough and talks you through exactly what she is doing. I have already felt more focused after two treatments. We are now beginning work on my lower back. I highly recommend seeing Emma and making her part of your self care ritual!"

- Renée S., actor

"Emma is a health partner.  She gets to the heart of the whole system - the true meaning of holistic.  I came in seriously depleted, with a laundry list of long standing issues.  Emma saw the overall picture and created a treatment plan. After over a decade of poor sleep, I am finally sleeping deeply after only a short period.  She consults every single visit as to what's happening. I've tried many types of health practitioners and  I can truly say she's partnering me to health in a way that I have not experienced."

       Update, 1 year later:

"After a little over a year of working with Emma, I'm amazed at the progress I've made.  I'm so much more resilient, flexible and healthy.  When I started working with her, I was really sick and depleted.  I committed to a regular schedule of appointments, changed my diet according to the guidelines she gave me (mostly!), and took the herbs she prescribed.  I turned 60 last October and INSTEAD of feeling older, more tired, less energy, I feel better.  Seriously!  She is truly a healing partner.  I am very grateful." 

- Etja S., dreamwork facilitator

"I have been a licensed massage therapist for 14 years and have had a difficult time finding an acupuncturist in Los Angeles whose work I trust and connect with. I am excited to have finally found Emma who is both incredibly intuitive and has expansive knowledge of the body. I have seen her over the last few months for anxiety, and can say that I leave each treatment feeling grounded and wonderful. Over time, things that I didn't realize were effected, like my lack of appetite, have completely changed! Emma is a good listener, she approaches each session thoughtfully, and openly explains how she will approach your body. It is clear that she is someone who is invested in her work and providing the best care for her patients. Besides being good at what she does, she is warm, easy to talk to, and each time I leave feeling genuinely cared for."

-Tati V., massage therapist 

"I first received treatment from Emma while she was training and I followed her when she graduated to her own practice. When I see Emma consistently, I stay physically and mentally healthy when work/life is overwhelming and while others are sick around me. Specifically, Emma has had great success with me in treating/preventing: migraines, muscle stiffness/aches (she can free up my neck kinks in minutes), digestion, depression."

- S.D.P.


"I had a bad case of "trigger finger", as well as neck, wrist and back injuries from a car accident. The hand specialist told me i would need injections of cortisone and possible surgery.  Being a guitarist by trade i was unable to rest it.  By my 2nd session with Emma i was back to playing with fluidity in my finger and much less pain in my wrist, back and neck.  By the 5th session i knew for sure i would not be getting the injections because the treatments from Emma were having such a profound effect."

- Al T., professional musician


"Five Rivers treated me recently for knee and back pain from sport injuries. Emma was very professional and both my knee and back pain were significantly reduced. Before my treatment running was very painful, now I've been able to join a soccer team and play pain free ever since. So happy I decided to conquer my fear of needles and get some acupuncture treatment. I honestly thought the needles would be freaky, but they are so small you barely even feel it, and then they melt your muscles like a massage from within. Fantastic! I would highly recommend her work to anyone, especially people who are new to this type of medicine. Thank you Emma!"

- Luc D.

"Emma has the most incredible healing hands I have ever experienced! Her acupuncture did magic on my back pain and my anxiety! She can tune into your being and bring harmony and joy back to it! Happy, happy I found her!" - Roberta S., actor and singer

"Emma has a wonderful bedside manner and immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She discussed my condition and the options for treatment under her care. I found my TMJ improved after my treatments and she offered me great follow-up tips to lessen stress as after care. I would highly recommend Emma as an acupuncturist."

- Ray P., pediatric medical doctor

"Emma is exceptionally talented, caring, competent, mindful, and a true asset to the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine."

- Carolyn B., licensed acupuncturist

"I recently fell during a hike and have been dealing with pain for a week before deciding to try acupuncture over traditional medication...I can definitely feel the difference and it has been a rewarding and relaxing experience. I would definitely highly recommend to anyone."

-Erika C.

"Emma was great. It was my first experience with acupuncture and I was so impressed with the knowledge and practice.​"

- K.M.



"Emma is deeply connected to her body and soul. Her guidance of embodiment practices are rich and she transmits beautifully, so you can feel your soul."

Karynne B.

"Emma single handedly is changing my life. Shoulder/Neck pain I thought I would have forever is melting away and I'm feeling more myself, rather more grounded, confident, calm.  I was weary at first of needles and someone staring at my tongue and coming to conclusions, but Emma is good at putting one at ease and building your education as a newcomer, and this makes the unusual seem common and necessary.  I have been working with Emma for over a month now and I wish I would of started it years ago, really helps with relaxation and sound sleep.  If you are hesitant to try I really suggest starting with this sweet, mindful human."

- Breye M., RYT

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