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Sarah Stabe
Registered Massage Therapist

Sarah has honed her craft over a decade of experience as a registered massage therapist, including time as lead therapist at the 5 star L'Auberge de Sedona spa. She has a deep belief in the transformative power of touch, and is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where you can let go. She specializes in craniosacral therapy and massage cupping, and brings a wide range of modalities including reflexology, abdominal massage, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, facial, prenatal massage, and deep tissue techniques.

Her approach follows our practice’s ethos of honoring deep listening, bowing to the wisdom of the body and its self-sovereignty in healing, and offering true care. Sarah's touch feels nurturing, neutral, knowledgeable and safe.

Sarah's sessions are intuitively-guided and strike a rare balance of deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Every session begins with a sit-down consultation and is individualized to meet your needs and preferences.

"My massage was 
transcendent and amazing. Sarah is wildly talented."

- C.B., acupuncturist



"What a DREAM WOMAN. My massage was trascendent and amazing. Sarah is wildly talented."
- Carolyn B, acupuncturist.

“She is GOOD.” 

- Hanna H., filmmaker

“My massage was absolutely incredible!!! She’s a healing angel. Such a lovely human.”
- Stefan S, actor

"Sarah is an ethereal light channeling fingers of steel legend! My migraine is WAY better and my hip feels looser. I feel so much better. Her work definitely transports you off the planet for a bit."

- Monique C, entrepreneur


“Wow your new massage lady is GOOD. That was insane, good insane! More energetic-psychedelic than I'm used to! She used a heavy amount of pressure that let me feel my areas of crunchy tissue and knots as she moved down the lines of my body, but the rest of my body didn't tense up at ALL while she did it! Kinda weird, I just felt malleable. She did some craniosacral thing where I totally went away into a twilight zone, that not-asleep-but-losing-sensory-attachment-to-my-body space, similar to acupuncture. I feel stoney now. Cupping was good too; it was really nice to put cups on upper body while working on some stuff in my legs.”
- Jarrett S, actor

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