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A complete guide to supplements, herbal medicine, nutrition and self-care practices to cultivate respiratory & immune health


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In response to the pandemic, I have assembled a comprehensive list of immune-boosting supplements, herbs, nutrition and self-care practices. There is so much we can do, proactively, to support ourselves. My goal is for this information to help you feel more empowered and safe.


The guide includes:

  • How herbal medicine is being used in hospitals to help treat covid-19, and how you can use it at home to support your immune system

  • Food as medicine: how and what to eat to support your immunity at this time

  • The current daily vitamin and mineral recommendations and dosages

  • Lung-supporting practices for free at-home self-care

  • How symptoms can be addressed naturally in the early stages

  • The top 3 things that lower your immunity and how to change them.



Immune & Anti-viral Support Guide

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