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2020 Safety Protocols for Home Visits

Please let me know if you have questions about any of the following.


For the practice of acupuncture, we use universal precautions for all treatments. All my supplies have always been cleaned between patients, needles are sterile and single-use, cotton is clean, hands washed, and so on. In the time of covid, I’m augmenting my safety and sanitization protocols in the following ways:


- I’ve been sheltering at home, as has my wife, since mid march. I am routinely testing myself regularly. I have not had any positive tests for active infection, nor for antibodies. We are taking ALL the precautions at home as far as cleaning, sanitizing, social distancing, etc. I’ve also been actively supporting my immune system with covid-specific, antiviral herbal medicine, acupuncture, supplements, and lifestyle practices.


- I am only offering sessions to a select group of people who have been sheltering at home and taking appropriate precautions. I am lucky to have health-conscious patients who are taking this situation seriously! If you are choosing to loosen your precautions in any way, or may have been exposed to someone who is developing symptoms, please let me know immediately.


- Please check your temperature the morning of your session. If it is high, or if you feel any unusual symptoms before your session, I ask you to let me know and we’ll cancel until you are able to get tested. I will also check it for you before the session. 


- Please wear a mask. I will be wearing a KN95 mask for the duration of the session, and I ask you to do the same. For you, a cloth or surgical mask is fine - it’s important that you be able to breathe freely throughout your session. If you do not have a clean mask on hand, I will happily provide you a surgical mask.

For cosmetic facial rejuvenation acupuncture, I will provide a modified mini mask. The area around your nose and mouth will not be treated directly at this time.


- I will be wearing scrubs that are washed at high temperature between each patient, and I’ll remove my shoes outside your door. I am choosing not to use gloves in most instances, but simply using frequent hand washing and sanitizer. Gloves decrease my sensitivity through my hands, increase my risk of needle stick, and create unnecessary waste. Frequent hand washing is just as effective. 


- If you would like to be treated on a massage table, I’m now asking for patients to provide their own massage table, so that I’m not brining one into different homes and can eliminate that potential vector of cross exposure. If you don’t require a face cradle, I’m able to treat you on your bed, or a firm couch, but a massage table will allow me to do my best work. Perfectly good massage tables for home use are available on Amazon for $70 (last I checked the price). Scroll down for links.


If you are a new patient, I can bring my massage table for your initial session, but please provide your own sheet and pillows.


- Weather-permitting, sessions can be done outside for more airflow. 


- Everything used to transport supplies will be sanitized and disinfected between patients.

I use a standard clean/dirty protocol. Supplies will be carried in an anti-microbial medical bag that has separated clean and dirty spaces. Everything inside is sterile or has been sanitized. Anything removed from the clean side does not go back inside; it is then stored in the designated “dirty” area until disposed of or sanitized. The entire bag is sanitized between each patient. 


- I will wash my hands upon arriving - please provide a clean towel for drying. Thank you!


Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can clarify any of the above.


Massage tables for home use

- I recommend these ones as the best inexpensive options. Both are great for home use: 

This Massage Table or This One. They're both comfortable and not excessively heavy.

If you want to make it cushier you can easily add a plush table cover.

If you plan to receive sessions outside and are concerned about staying warm (or just like to be cozy!), getting a table warmer is well worth it.

- The highest quality professional tables are made by Earthlite.  They’ll last a lifetime, come in varying degrees of cushioning, and tend to get heavier as they get more plush. I love the Spirit table - it gives a really nice, even surface, with no bump at the hinge, and extremely comfortable cushioning (but it's very heavy). 

- If table weight is a concern, the best lightweight table available is this one


- If you absolutely don’t have room to store a massage table but want to receive face-down treatments, this face cradle attachment for your bed is a good option.

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