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cultivating vitality

with individualized,

natural care

As a physician of eastern medicine and somatic movement therapist, I offer patient-empowered holistic primary care. 


Modalities include acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle counseling, and energy-work as well as movement therapy, continuum, breathwork and embodied meditation classes.

My work addresses concerns on all levels - physical, emotional, creative and spiritual - as interconnected parts of a unified whole.

Treatments are customized to address you, exactly as you are in this moment, in order to support your whole self to return to its natural state: vitality.


poetic medicine for whole health

No two bodies are the same. We all have unique constitutions and different causes for our symptoms. Rather than treating purely symptomatically, I treat you as a whole person. I get to the root of what's going on to support deep, lasting, positive change.


modalities & offerings

Cupping Therapy_edited_edited.jpg

holistic health care

with Traditional East Asian Medicine including:
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holistic health care

Neck Massage_edited.jpg

somatic movement, 

breath work & 
embodied meditation

Somatic practices explore the body as experienced from within.
We learn to sense our inner terrain, expand our breath, and dissolve blockages.
This allows us to engage more
deeply in our own life process and its place within the intelligence of nature.
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embodied meditation

Reflexology Therapy_edited.jpg

transformational healing & creative support

As well as treating physical concerns, the medicine of acupuncture, energy work and touch can foster lasting changes on emotional, creative and spiritual levels. As our bodies open, we can inhabit ourselves more fully, and thus experience a greater sense of ease and freedom on all levels.
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transformational healing & creative support

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cosmetic acupu