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On Remembering To Take Your Medicine

Unlike my steady, earth sign loved ones who relish in the soothing, predictable daily ritual of counting out their supplements and putting them in a minimalist glass capsule which they slip into their well-organized purses and pull out before every meal, I forget to take my herbs allll the time, no matter how great they make me feel.

A few practical suggestions for my fellow air signs, day dreamers, out-of-sight-out-of-minders, and all of you helpers who feel too busy planning dismantling societal powers structures to remember your medicine, even though you know it will help in the long run. (The last one is my favorite!) : 1. Decant into pretty jars and leave them on the counter. No one wants to stare at ugly plastic bottles, but having supplements where you see them everyday can be a needed reminder. My solution is to put a few things I use every day in good-looking jars on my counter. Collagen peptides pictured above! 2. Set reminders on your phone. You’re going to feel like a total dork as you do it, but you’ll thank yourself later when a “herbal medicine makes me feel amazing let’s take some now” note-to-self pops up. 3. Those pill box things. You know what I mean, with the little doors for each day of the week. If you’re taking herbs/supps in capsule form, these really help. Especially if you’re taking a number of different things, it saves you from having to open a million different bottles and remember the dosage for each one each morning. Yes, you’ll feel like a granny. Yes, it’s worth it. Lean into that practical crone wisdom! Also helpful for shaming yourself about missed doses at the end of the week. (Jk, don’t do that. Negative self-talk is waaay worse for your health than missing a day of supplements.) 4. Multiple locations. Split herbal medicine into a few baggies or bottles so that you can have them in a couple of different places where you’ll be throughout the day. Keep some at work, some in your car, some by your toothbrush. If you can associate taking them with things you do daily, it will easily build the habit.

5. Make it a ritual. Instead of thinking of it as another chore, bring presence and enjoy the moment of taking them. As you take them, remember the reason. What are these healing in you? Take a little time to slow down and welcome them. After all, natural herbal medicines and supplements are plant matter. Appreciate that these amazing plants were alive, and that they carry a medicinal function that will support the balance of your dear, individual body. How amazing!

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