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In response to the pandemic, I have assembled the following list of immune-boosting supplements, herbs, nutrition and self-care practices. There is so much we can do, proactively, to support ourselves.

In fact, regardless of treatment, hospitals report that recovery from the virus depends almost entirely on the patient's own immunity, which is why these immune protocols, dietary and lifestyle support are so essential at this time.

I hope these resources help you to feel more empowered and safe.

Everything listed below are general recommendations. The dietary and lifestyle suggestions are great for everyone, but certain supplements may not be. Please consult with your PCP. 


Our immunity is based on our overall health, so individualized plans that take your constitution in to account are always best, particularly if you are on medications or have an existing health condition or imbalance, and especially if it's lung or gut-related. (including allergies) If you'd like more personalized recommendations, please reach out to schedule an online telehealth consultation (sliding scale available if needed).

If you do start to experience symptoms, early stage treatment with herbal medicine is showing to be extremely effective - please reach out asap for an online consultation, and I will have herbal medicine sent directly to you, or connect you with a practitioner in your local area.


Please reach out if you have any questions, are having difficulty finding products, or can use further support integrating this information into your life. I'll keep updating this page with additional info.

With care,


Emma Destrubé



1. Immune Support & Virus Prevention

Herbal Tea
TCM & Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine formulas for immune support and viral prevention at this time

Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) has been treating epidemics for two millenia. It had incredible, proven results for prevention of the SARS (another corona virus) outbreak among health care workers on the front lines, and it is currently being integrated into hospital treatment protocols throughout East Asia alongside western medicine for all stages of the current virus. The results have been amazing. Reports show it has improved patient conditions and shortened hospital stays. It is also widely used for prevention for those at high-risk (low immunity or high exposure). (more info+sources)

The formulas we're using contain natural whole plants (organically grown where possible) that stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, open the airways and have strong anti-viral properties specific to corona viruses, as verified by in-vitro research. They generally do not cause any side effects. (more info+sources)


Herbal medicine is not a one-size fits all treatment plan. Herbal formulas are customized to your individual presentation as well as your underlaying constitution. Please contact me to schedule an online consultation Preventative, immune-boosing, antiviral formulas can be sent directly to your home. 

Herbal medicine has been integrated into hospitals around the world to treat covid-19 with incredible results


A covid-19 liquid herbal formula based on results from Hubei hospital in China.

Herbal Medicine
Vitamins & Minerals

A nutrient-based method to prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection:

The physicians of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine recommend the following inexpensive supplemental levels for adults; for children reduce these in proportion to body weight: 

  1. Vitamin C
    3,000 milligrams (or more) daily, in divided doses. (Liposomal VitC is the best form)
    Intravenous Vitamin C is now being used in NYC hospital to treat covid-19 patients.


  2. Vitamin D3
    2,000 International Units daily. (2000 IU = 50mcg)
    (Start with 5,000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2,000)


  3. Magnesium
    400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form)


  4. Zinc
    20-30 mg daily (in any form, but ideally picolinate). Zinc losenges are also a great way to take zinc, and may protect the throat as well.
    (don’t take more than that; some people experience a side effect of flu-like symptoms). Don't take zinc long-term; it can disrupt copper absorbtion.
    Food sources: seafood especially oysters, red meat, pumpkin seeds


  5. Selenium
    100 mcg (micrograms) daily
    Food source: brazil nuts

It's easy to go overboard on supplements. If you're taking so many supplements that it upsets your stomach, they're not being well-absorbed. High-quality supplements make all the difference. Keeping your digestion happy is essential for your immunity. 

Just taking a good, broad-spectrum multivitamin, VitC, VitD, fish oil, zinc will be helpful to fill in any nutritional deficiencies. You can view & order brands and products I recommend by making an account with my online pharmacies: Fullscript or Wellevate.

Just a multi, fish oil, zinc and a good Vitamin C go a long way...


Mycelial magic, good bacteria, and more...

Two other essential supplements for this time are probiotics and adaptogenic mushrooms

  • A good probiotic
    Immunity starts in a healthy gut.

    • Or, look for a product that includes several species of bacteria and 5-10 billion per capsule.

    • I personally take MegaSporeBiotic from Microbiome Labs, which I love. It's a practitioner-only company; email me to order or purchase on Fullscript.


  • Monolaurin
    Made from lauric acid found in coconut milk, it is used for preventing and treating influenza, swine flu, and for boosting the immune system.


  • N-A-C (N-acetyl cysteine) 
    NAC can relieve symptoms of respiratory conditions by acting as an antioxidant and expectorant, loosening mucus in the air passageways. As an antioxidant, it reduces inflammation in the bronchial tubes and lung tissue.


  • Other immunity / anti-viral supplements:

    • Elderberry Syrup (Fullscript)

    • Echinacea eg. Natura Throat and Gland Spray (FullScript)

    • Astragalus Root

    • Wellness Formula (FullScript)

    • Jade Screen Formula

    • Standard Process Thymus Extract 

    • Colloidal Silver

    • Propolis. Beekeeper's Naturals makes great products

For children 2 and up:

  • Propolis throat spray by Beekeepers' Naturals

  • Kan Herb's Windbreaker formula

  • The vitamins and minerals listed above can be used at adjusted dosages 

Ramen Soup Bowl
Dietary Support
  • Drink plenty of water, at frequent intervals
    As well as keeping your body and mucous-membranes well-hydrated, drinking water every 20mins helps flush any pathogens that might have found their way into your mouth down into your stomach, where they'll be destroyed by stomach acid, instead of making their way into your airway. 

  • Stay hydrated with wet, easy-to-digest foods 
    Think soups, stews, slow-cooked foods, porridges. They are an easier way for your body to absorb more fluids, providing slow-release hydration.

  • Eat warm, cooked foods that are easy on your digestive system. Avoid anything colder than body-temperature, and raw meals 
    Covid-19 is considered a “damp” pathogen, meaning that it creates a damp environment in those it affects: mucus in the lungs. Foods that are cooked and digest easily allow our digestive system to metabolize and transform them well, and fully transport them to nourish our whole body and eliminate what’s not needed without too much energy expenditure. We need all our energy for our immunity.  Foods that are cold and raw or hard to digest require much more energy to metabolize, and tend to accumulate causing mucus.

  • Drink bone broth daily
    It's nutrient dense and so nourishing

  • Eat plenty of veggies
    Avoid any processed foods. 

  • Cut out: refined sugar and processed carbs, alcohol and dairy
    Sugar and alcohol decrease your immune cells, and cause inflammation. Viruses love sugar. Dairy creates dampness in the body, leading to congestion and mucus. 

  • Kitchen witching: Many common herbs have lung-supporting properties:

    • Rooibos is a gentle bronchodilator​

    • Aromatic herbs like cardamom and anise help to clear phelgm

    • Mint soothes a hot, irritated throat, and can also soothe the nervous system

Immunity starts in your gut. Keeping your digestive system well-nourished and not over-taxed is essential

Hand Hygiene
Habits & Lifestyle
  • Sleep!
    Sleep is where we restore and heal; do as much of it as you can.

  • Getting outside
    Fresh air, time in nature, forest bathing. Lots of wonderful studies about the dramatic, positive effect of forest mycelial spores on our immune system. 

  • Exercise
    Adequate exercise is important for healthy lymph flow.​

  • Steam inhalation therapy
    Herbal Steams keep your lungs and airways hydrated and clear of mucus.
    Heat water in a pot and then add 5-10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. When the water has cooled slightly place your face over the pot and drape a towel like a tent over your head and the pot. Inhale the steam deeply through your nose, until the water has cooled. You can also boil cooling, lung-supporting herbs into the water if you want to get fancy. 
    You can also use a steam inhaler or even just cup your hands in a hot shower or over a hot mug of water and inhale the steam that way.

  • Daily sinus irrigation (aka neti pot) & salt water gargles
    Flushes debris from your nasal passages, thins mucus and supports healthy cilia. Also helpful for allergies. Here's more info and how to

  • Sweat daily - even if just a little
    Raising your core body temperature enough to open your pores and release a small sweat is a principle we use to kick-out pathogens at the early stage of an illness. When we feel that faint little glimmer of feeling off - perhaps the edge of a chills or a little tightness at the top of the neck - sweating will often prevent the cold/flu from setting in deeper. Preventatively, it's a great way to release any pathogen that may be lurking. To do so, sip hot liquid or fresh ginger tea continuously until you overheat a little and break a small sweat. Exercise is also wonderful. 

  • Chest tapping
    Tapping on your chest helps bring the energy to your lungs, increase circulation and loosen any mucus. Use a adequate amount of force, enough to make a good tapping sound, but not causing any lingering soreness. Do it multiple times daily - you'll feel more energy in your lungs right away, causing you to feel a little energized, a tingling feeling in your chest, or the desire to take deeper breaths. If you have lingering phlegm, it will usually also help to move it, and may cause you to want to cough or clear your throat.

  • Self-acupressure
    Massage or apply essential oils​ to acupuncture point Lung 1 or 2. 

  • Qi Gong
    This Qi Gong Routine is a wonderful moving meditation to strengthen the lungs and calm the nervous system. Qi Gong has clearly-proven medical benefits beyond stress reduction. It is currently prescribed in Chinese hospitals for covid patients as well as for hospital workers for virus-prevention & stress management.

  • Minimize stress. 

    • Listen to me chat about the importance of self-touch, and guide a short acupressure meditation for calming your nervous system on this podcast episode

    • Facial self-massage or gua sha 

    • Self-massage or apply essential oils to acupoints Heart 7 and Pericardium 6

    • Meditation - there are so many free meditation offerings right now, or try an app like Headspace.

    • Exercise, creative projects, cuddles with pets, time in nature

    • I'll be adding some more somatic guided meditations - follow me on instagram for updates and videos coming soon. I'll also be updating this section with other free, recommended resources.

Yes to handwashing, disinfecting and self-isolating! But what else can we do?

Lack of sleep and exercise, stress and poor diet are common factors that lower immunity. 

2. Care for Early Symptoms

Early Care for the Virus

As of now in the US, ​testing and medical treatment is sadly only being offered to those whose illness has progressed to respiratory distress or other severe symptoms. However, for most patients, it takes a number of days, if not a week, to reach that point. During that time, complementary medicine has a lot to offer. If we can catch it at the earliest signs, herbal medicine and nutritional treatment seems to be very effective for reducing the severity of symptoms. I have already treated a number of cases. 


Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is not a one-size fits all treatment plan. Herbal formulas are customized to your individual presentation as well as your underlaying constitution. Everyones' symptoms are slightly different, and different medicines are needed. Please contact me to schedule an online consultation asap. The sooner we can treat, the better the outcome. I will work to connect you with an herbalist in your area, or send a prescription directly to your home.


Discontinue elderberry syrup and echinacea if you start to experience symptoms.

The other supplements listed above can be continued.


Some hospitals have now begun using high dosages of Vitamin C administered intravenously to help reduce symptoms and duration of covid-19 (1500mg Taking this dosage orally may also be helpful. A liposomal vitamin C will be most absorbable.​

Set up an online consultation for Chinese herbal medicine asap. The sooner we treat the better

3. More Information & Other Resources


Nourishing resources & reframing the meaning of these times

CDC (Center for Disease Control)

Symptoms of Corona Virus

Why You Must Act Now
A fantastic (and sobering) purely statistical analysis of the transmission rate of coronavirus and limitation of our healthcare system to provide emergency care for patients in respiratory distress. Click here to read more.

Then read the follow up article and

Sign the Petition to the White House to take more drastic measures


A nice graphic description of how hand-washing breaks down the virus.


Medical Info & Research Sources referenced above

- ELotus - a wonderful roundup of TCM & covid-19 resources and research

- Can CM be used for prevention of covid-19: A review of historical classics, research, evidence and current prevention programs

- Effect of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine on SARS: A review of clinical evidence

- Beijing pushes TCM in corona virus treatment.

Finding Supplements

​The best two places to look for supplements are:

If you're an existing patient and are having trouble locating supplements, I may be able to have them sent directly to you from distributors. 

Helpful Resources

purchase supplements online

Shop from a dispensary of my favorite high-quality, practitioner-only supplements. View my

immune support list. 

Image by Nynne Schrøder

Gift Cards

gift an online session for individualized consultation and herbal prescription

If you'd like to gift care for a stranger, such as a hospital worker or other essential-services provider, please use as the recipient email and make a note

when you order.

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purchase supplements online

Can't find what you're looking for on Fullscript? Try Wellevate. Another practitioner-only source for high-quality vitamins and supplements.


Book Online Session

for individualized prescriptions
& herbal medicine

custom herbal medicine and individualized suggestions is the best preventative care I can offer. Online sessions are necessary for early-stage treatment.


Standard Process

organic food-based supplements

Register using code CG2FB4 to purchase your Standard Process supplements directly. 

The above recommendations are general suggestions that may not be appropriate for everyone. Always check with your doctor or primary care provider before taking any supplements, especially if you are on medications or have an existing health condition. The recommendations and statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, mitigate or cure any disease or symptom. Please contact your primary care provider before taking any supplements or following any recommendations or protocols.

Herbal Medicine
Vitamins & Minerals
Other Supplements
Dietary Support
Lifestyle Habits
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